New Schools Reflect the Promise of Gwinnett
The Promise of Gwinnett, the theme of our 2016-17 civic engagement campaign, reflects the promise found in every Gwinnett County Public Schools student, and the promise we make to provide them with the highest-quality education possible. It's a theme that is apparent in almost every activity underway in the... Read more
The Universal Misery of the Baking Soda Volcano
The baking soda and vinegar volcano project is something of a cultural meme. And, like memes of all types, it is mostly useless and not altogether informative. This by itself is not even among the good reasons to avoid the project. Here are a few of the best. 1.... Read more
It's Here! The Best of Gwinnett 2015.
Every year, the Gwinnett Magazine editors go in search of the best. After months of research and thousands upon thousands of votes cast from our readers, were excited to present some of Gwinnetts best businesses. In a community with 900,000 people living in 437 square miles, there are hundreds... Read more
Making Effective Choices With A Balanced Budget
As the chairman and only full-time member of the Board of Commissioners, one of my biggest responsibilities each year is developing a budget for the following year. Like any budget process, it involves tough decisions. Planning for 2016 started last spring with a series of financial projections. Over the... Read more
Our People are Our Greatest Resource
Posted outside the entrance to the school districts Division of Human Resources and Talent Management is a powerful and telling statement: Our People are Our Greatest Resource. It is a sentiment we strongly believe and often express in Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS). One of our strategic goals is... Read more
Publisher’s Letter It’s not just spring. We’re beyond the early March and April days of the season when there was still a chill in the air. The yellow haze of pollen is gone -- big thanks to Mother Nature for the two solid weeks of rain that washed allergy... Read more
Publisher’s Letter I am a great believer in the power of the written word. As a writer, words are both my tools and my products. I take immense satisfaction at being able to deploy exactly the right word to convey a thought or feeling, although if I can’t settle... Read more
Publisher"s Letter I often tell my kids that the next great thing in their life will happen when they least expect it. Because they both are all grown up and manage every aspect of their lives brilliantly, they immediately moan and groan and ignore me. But I continue to... Read more
With your spouse? With your kids? (Parents of teenagers, feel free to snort here.) How many times do we get together as a family, only to realize that we all have our noses in our phones, tablets or laptops? (No judgment here – I"ve been known to text the... Read more

Don"t Blink

Blogs July 16, 2014 0

by David Greer Given her mommy and daddy, I guess Gracie couldn"t help having an inclination to write and to be full of creative expression. Seems like she"s been a creative soul since birth. Ten years ago, she and I started the tradition of having her do a guest... Read more