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United Community Bank Recognizes Sales and Service Champions for First Quarter
United Community Bank recently recognized employees for their outstanding performance in meeting customers needs throughout the first quarter of 2017. This acknowledgement is part of the banks quarterly Sales and Service Champion program. The following individuals and team were recognized as top producers in their respective areas for the... Read more
Dev Khosla Joins Piksel as U.S. Based Solutions Architect
Pikseltoday announced Dev Khosla has joined their organization in the U.S. and will take the role of Senior Solutions Architect. He will focus on leading the technical expansion of product opportunities for Piksel as it continues to build its successful online video business in the North American region. Dev... Read more
The Gold Standard Legal Representation
Best of Gwinnett winner Margaret Gettle Washburn, P.C. has been practicing law for more than 35 years. She and her firm, located in Lawrenceville and serving clients throughout Gwinnett County and surrounding areas, provide every client with the highest level of legal experience and expertise. Specializing in family law,... Read more
Where There's a Will
"It gives people peace of mind. It's something they don't have to worry about anymore." Most people know they should prepare a will, but estate planning is one of those tasks people keep putting off. "People who die without a will typically do so just because of procrastination," said... Read more
Experience Teaches
"Litigators must think on their feet, process lots of information, and make split-second decisions." If C. Carlton Folsom has learned anything from 27 years as an attorney, it's that "you just can't beat experience" as a teacher. "I would like to think I was a good lawyer when I... Read more
Justice for All
"We see a difference when you involve people in what is happening, rather than allowing them to be victims." Attorney Rebeca E. Salmon, Esq. created a unique business model that pairs a for-profit law firm with a nonprofit organization that provides legal services for vulnerable individuals, including children throughout... Read more
Who to Call When You Need a Lawyer
Most of us think about attorneys about as often as we do our spare tire: we know we may need to use that tire someday, but we don't check the air pressure in it as much as we should. It's not until we have a blow-out on the side... Read more
Leading With Principle
"I spend fifty percent of my time talking our customers out of spending money if I don't think it's a good idea." "I'm not naturally good at anything," says 34 year-old Mike Jarrell, "But I'm able to work hard enough to kinda figure it out." What this Snellville-raised entrepreneur... Read more
What is Your Leadership Missing?
It's fascinating to me that with all of the articles, books, talks, training, podcasts, events, and courses on the subject of leadership, the importance of a battle cry is rarely addressed. Yet, if you study history, most of the great leaders of armies, countries, religions, athletic teams, and corporations... Read more
Iconex Announces Relocation of Corporate Headquarters to Gwinnett County
Iconex, the premier provider of receipt and label solutions, joined the Georgia Department of Economic Development and Partnership Gwinnett to announce the new location of its corporate headquarters in Gwinnett County, metro Atlanta, Georgia. "The team at Iconex is thrilled to be making the transition to our new facility... Read more