'Women Are Extraordinarily Strong'
In a career devoted to life-long learning, Dr. Hisa Yamaguchi's best teachers have been her patients. "They've taught me that women are extraordinarily strong," she says. "They endure the strongest chemo imaginable and continue to fight." Dr. Yamaguchi, who's practiced in Gwinnett since 1995, is a surgeon at Eastside... Read more
Big Things Come from Small Beginnings
While all Neonatal Care Units (NICU's) specialize in caring for babies, not all are the same. In the United States, each NICU is designated from 1 to 4 according to guidelines published by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Eastside Medical Center's Level 3 NICU is dedicated to caring for... Read more
Transforming Joint Replacement Care & Recovery
When considering knee or hip replacement, every patient's end goal is to live free of joint pain. Eastside Medical Center has developed a new approach to surgery with quicker recovery and superior outcomes. Joint Destinations is Eastside Medical Center's program for patients having knee or hip replacement. Their multidisciplinary... Read more
Northeast Georgia Physicians Group - Getting You Past the Pain
With the population growing in and around Gwinnett County and people living longer than ever, there's a good chance that either you or someone you know has trouble with joint pain. In fact, more than 1 million Americans have a joint replacement surgery each year. That's why Northeast Georgia... Read more
Hope Clinic - Where Every Patient Matters
"At the Hope Clinic, we give each patient our full attention and spend as much time as needed to learn about other factors contributing to their health challenges," says Jennie Mathen, Hope Clinic's nurse practitioner. "It's not unusual for a patient to comment, 'You're so thorough' or 'You're the... Read more
Suwanee Dental Care: Your Dentist's Role in Treatment of Sleep Apnea
Have you been falling asleep during your favorite shows? Do you wake up with pounding headaches? Have you been having a hard time exercising and been putting on extra, unwanted weight? Let's talk! Your dentists at Suwanee Dental Care are concerned with more than just your pearly whites. We're... Read more
Monica - 'Everything is a Victory'
Just 14 when she was diagnosed the first time with Leukemia, Monica Sandoval received some advice that has shaped the way she handles her battle with cancer. "A specialist told me, 'If you lay in bed, you're going to get sicker, and it's not going to do any good.'... Read more
Corinne - A New Plan
An exciting weekend of family fun at Atlanta Motor Speedway turned into the start of a very different endurance race for Corinne Coning and her family. "There was a NASCAR race that weekend at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. So, my parents went all out. They got the front camping... Read more
Scott - One in One Hundred
Tracy Phillips jokes that she always knew her husband Scott was special. So special that he got not one, but two kinds of lymphomaHodgkin's and non-Hodgkin's. "Just one of 100 people in the country who get it at the same time," she adds. Looking back, it's easier to add... Read more
Brittany - Finding Rewards When Life Throws You a Curve
Every newlywed expects some adjustments. Married life is different than single life. Maybe there's a new place to live, new responsibilities, new plans for the future. That's all to be expected. Cancer is not to be expected, and Brittany and Jake Bova still find their reality to feel well,... Read more