VIDEO: Paint Gwinnett Pink 2017
Gwinnett County showed up in droves to participate in the second annualPaint Gwinnett Pink 5k walk/run to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer. #LoveGwinnett Our Love Gwinnett values are simple. Be Positive. Buy Local. Help Others. Click here to learn more about this initiative. Read more
Take it one day at a time. - Bobbi Menneg Bobbi Menneg was diagnosed five years ago with Stage 2 Triple Negative Breast Cancer. This type of breast cancer is not hormone or estrogen driven and can be more aggressive and more difficult to treat. I had two surgeries.... Read more
Im humbled by the kindness and compassionof complete strangers. - Charlotte Maguire Im humbled by the kindness and compassion of complete strangers. ~ Laura Maguire (Charlottes mom) Their world changed in a single day. Laura Maguire says, September 1, 2010 began with a trip to the pediatrician because I... Read more
Trust God andlive your life. - Tony Velo Virtually his entire life, Tony Velo has been dealing with neurofibromatosis a type of cancer that causes tumors to form on nerve tissue throughout his body. First diagnosed at 14 months, the high school junior lives his life and doesnt allow... Read more
Im determined not to waste my life. I use every moment I have. - Cindy Hendler Three years ago, Cindy Hendlers world changed forever after diagnostic tests confirmed the worst news malignant breast cancer. Quick treatment decisions branched into a confusing maze of options involving surgical plans, physicians, post-surgery... Read more
Rely on family and friends. You cant do this by yourself. - DeniseHamm I was 37 years old when I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in 2010, said Denise Hamm. My mother had just died from lung cancer. I had a daughter in pre-school and a son... Read more
Cancer is too hard to do alone. - Juliana Herrera Juliana Herrera, a 24-year-old medical assistant, was a sophomore at the University of Georgia when her digestive issues began. After more than a year of taking useless medications, she got to the point where she was bedridden for three... Read more
Ive received unbelievable support from people Ive never met. - Scott Schoenthal It didnt seem like such a big deal the first two times Scott Schoenthal was diagnosed with cancer, initially when he was 18 and again in his early 20s. But Scott describes finding out in 2013 that... Read more
Hold on to hope and faith, just dont give up. - Elena Tate Elena Tates life shifted seven years ago when doctors detected an anomaly in her bloodwork. Her parents fought to grasp it themselves before breaking the news to their fourth-grader: She had leukemia. Elena underwent a grueling... Read more
I live out loud with joy andpurpose every day. - Stephanie Cann Nine years ago, Stephanie Cann was diagnosed with gestational choriocarcinoma after the birth of her fourth child. She says, Its a miracle Caleb survived. The cancer had been feeding off his blood and placenta during the final... Read more