Rock Springs Rockets Take Off for the First Time
There is some exciting news from Rock Springs! A new club called First Lego League (FLL) is now in full swing at the elementary school. Fourth and fifth graders have the opportunity to participate in this exciting opportunity, and along the way, they get to learn many hard skills... Read more
Houston County is Soaring to New Heights
Houston County, founded on May 15, 1821 through a treaty with the Creek Indians, is located in central Georgia. In the past two centuries, Houston County has sent its militia to fight in the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, and World War I. During World War II, the United... Read more
A Neglected Love for Reading
My fondest memory from my elementary and middle school summers is gliding through the aisles of the library, picking out book after book. My eyes would skim over the plot summaries on the cover flaps as I attempted to rearrange the mountain of books in my arms before they... Read more
Looking For A Tourist's Paradise? Try Chatham County
Looking to move? Want a vacation spot that isn't too far from home? Just want to travel? Chatham County is the way to go. Formed in 1777, Chatham is the fifth oldest county in Georgia and with that it holds rich historical accounts of some of the earliest days... Read more
Recycle and Pick Up Litter! Even the Little Things Count!
When I was younger, I always had the tendency to walk away from my group of friends at the playground to admire the beauty of nature. The trees fascinated me. They were giants in my seven-year-old mind. Swinging on the swings and playing tag weren't my thing. Instead, I... Read more
These Cupcakes Are for Everyone, Not Just Divas
Nothing brings people together like the sweet concoctions created at Cupcake Diva Girlz in Dacula, Georgia. The owner, Ramona Hampton, created this locally renowned bakery shop with her own culinary skills and motivation, and runs it with the help of her family. Although the exterior of the bakery leaves... Read more
Operation: Covered with Care
Did you know that over 560,000 people are homeless? As part of their project dedicated to help homelessness, Service Learning was super excited to host the annual Covered with Care event. Through this event, they were able to make 36 felt blankets and 200 HOPE bags to donate to... Read more
It's a Love/Hate Relationship with AP Courses!
When I was 8 years old, my mother handed me a gift. It was like no other gift that I have seen before. The shiny cover enticed me to open "Coding for Dummies." And even 8 years in the past now, the cover calls to me. I open the... Read more
Immersed in Culture: Chinese Club
GSMST offers a variety of clubs to help students get involved and engaged in their community and the world around them, one of which is the GSMST Chinese Club. Chinese club meets every other week on Wednesdays (3:10 - 4:00 p.m.) and offers students a chance to experience new... Read more
2018 Teacher of the Year: Dr. Doug Doblar
An elementary school teacher who is honored to teach at the same school he attended as a child has been named the 2018 Gwinnett County Teacher of the Year (TOTY). During the annual Gwinnett County Teacher of the Year banquet, Gwinnett County Public Schools CEO/Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks announced... Read more