Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures

Uncategorized December 14, 2017 0

"Beep, beep, beep." My alarm for 5:40 woke me up from my almost completed dream. How could I have forgotten to turn off that monotone alarm on my first day of Thanksgiving break? As blissful as the feeling was to turn of the alarm and fall back on my... Read more
Impossible Things

Impossible Things

Education December 14, 2017 0

While most students were delighted by the recent snowfall in Georgia, the students in Troupe 6163, North Gwinnett High School's student theater troupe, were dismayed. These passionate high school students, or the North Gwinnett Players, as they affectionately call themselves, had a production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella planned... Read more
Beauty in Simplicity
Under no circumstances would I ever call myself a photographer-focus, filters, brightness, exposure-even though I may know the difference between these settings, I still don't have a clue of how to use them. When I take pictures, I just point my camera and hope for the best. It hasn't... Read more
A Small Town Charm
Spalding County, which describes itself as a "small town charm," stuns with its natural beauty - as reflected through its beautiful lakes and parks - and a tight-knit, local culture, which prides itself on its historical landmarks and schools, Griffin Campus and the Southern Crescent Technical College. Spalding County's... Read more
Placing the Spotlight on Barrow County
ess than an hour away from Gwinnett County, Barrow County is one of the youngest counties in the state. It's also the first county to be named after a living Georgian (UGA Chancellor David Crenshaw Barrow Jr.), and the 28th fastest growing county in population. Formed in July 7,... Read more
A Sweet Delight: Daddy O'Brien's Irish Ice Cream Pub
Daddy O'Brien's Gourmet Ice Cream and Dessert Pub is quickly becoming a hot spot in Gwinnett. The ice cream shop has rich Irish flavors and many alcohol infused desserts! Daddy O's recently opened a restaurant in Sugar Hill and brought quite an entry. Citizens who have been picking up... Read more
A New Foundation: Roberts Elementary
Roberts Elementary is the newest addition to the North Gwinnett district bringing over 800 students together with its mantra for Knowledge, Leadership, Service and Community. Roberts Elementary opened its gates to students in the fall of 2010 and included a large variety of children from different schools and backgrounds... Read more
The Next Big Thing: Poke Bar

The Next Big Thing: Poke Bar

Food November 28, 2017 0

Hailed as the next great food trend, Poke has arrived from the beaches of Hawaii and the urban sprawl of New York City and Los Angeles, to the Gwinnett scene. It came with a wave of Instagram-friendly, brightly-colored chain restaurants centered around this one dish. Think of poke as... Read more
Amanda Flanter believes in connections. That is, connecting with every single student in her Fourth Grade class at Level Creek Elementary School on both an educational and personal level. Flanter describes this method of teaching as: "I like finding ways to connect with kids and see them actually figure... Read more
Friends Bar and Grill: Supporting the Community and Celebrating Success
Friends American Bar and Grill is a locally owned restaurant chain founded right here in Suwanee, Georgia. Although Friends now has multiple locations across the Atlanta metro area, it had humble beginnings in 2010 when it was started by Ray Stanjevich and Suzanne Cartwright. Since 2010, Friends has expanded... Read more