My Best of Gwinnett? Gwinnett County Public Libraries
Gwinnett Magazine interns share what makes their personal Best of Gwinnett list from Christy Daniel, North Gwinnett High School. I have lived in Gwinnett County for the past 13 years, where I have made countless memories with the people that I have met in the places that I have... Read more
My Best of Gwinnett: Theater!
Gwinnett Magazine interns share what makes their personal Best of Gwinnett list from Rachel Kim, North Gwinnett High School. My personal Best of Gwinnett lies with my theater troupe, who continue to amaze and surprise me with their dedication and unadulterated talent. My passion has always been with singing... Read more
Why Do You Relay?

Why Do You Relay?

Education February 27, 2018 0

The halls of North Gwinnett High School are buzzing as the school begins to introduce one of its biggest campaigns ever, Relay For Life. As many people know, Relay For Life is a nonprofit organization dedicated to collecting funds to support research for cancer treatments. The Relay For Life... Read more
Virtual Reality Gaming is a Hit in Gwinnett
Step aside arcade centers, a new type of gaming center has entered town! The city of Sugar Hill was proud to open its doors to VRX- a virtual reality gaming center offering family and friends of all ages a fun evening. VRX is a virtual reality gaming center in... Read more
Do Gwinnett parents and students like digital learning?
The month of January was a bittersweet experience for many Gwinnett County students and parents. Due to the inclement weather making its way into the city, Gwinnett schools had no option but to close their doors for four days in the month of January. However, that didn't mean there... Read more
A Digital Solution to Stress
A Digital Learning Day comes with the fanfare of a regular snow day, and while each break from school is certainly memorable, a Digital Learning Day offers opportunities that a normal break cannot. With Digital Learning Days, I gained an appreciation for the behind-the-scenes planning and structuring of a... Read more
North Gwinnett Highs Science Olympiad Places 5th in Regional Competition
In early February, North Gwinnett's Science Olympiad team went to Georgia Tech as part of the 2018 Division C Regional Tournament, where with 21 people on two teams, 12 on the A team and 9 on the B team, they placed fifth in the region! Here's a brief introduction... Read more
My Digital Learning Day Experience
Living in Georgia for the past 10 years has taught me many truths, such as the fact that Chick-fil-A is one of the best restaurants known to man. Or that Atlanta and traffic are synonyms like Georgia weather and unexpected. But the most important truth is that snow only... Read more
Miss & Mr. Suwanee Relay For Life Fundraising Pageant
The Miss & Mr. Suwanee Jeans & T-Shirt Pageant has been raising money, in a casual and fun way, on behalf of North Gwinnett High Schools Relay For Life Team, since 2010. In our 8th pageant year in 2018, MSP has raised over $80,000+ with the proceeds going to... Read more
Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures

Uncategorized December 14, 2017 0

"Beep, beep, beep." My alarm for 5:40 woke me up from my almost completed dream. How could I have forgotten to turn off that monotone alarm on my first day of Thanksgiving break? As blissful as the feeling was to turn of the alarm and fall back on my... Read more