The Importance of Free Early Education
Take a moment and conjure up an image of Lola, your average four-year-old. Wide brown eyes, a head full of bouncy curls, and a wide gap between two sets of pearly white teeth that seem to stretch on for miles. With years of experience and memories ahead of her,... Read more
What Do Colleges Look At?
When colleges are reviewing applications, they look to find students who can and will succeed in college and beyond. Colleges use your scores to judge your readiness to attend their school. Can you handle the rigor of their courses? Colleges also look to see if you could be notable... Read more
School Can Get VERY Stressful
School continues to bloom into larger and larger competition with each passing day. As this builds up, students become more and more stressed especially towards the end of the semester. Personally speaking, I have seen some of my closest friends have breakdowns- both emotionally and mentally -because of the... Read more
To Build a Comprehensive Mind
We all have busy lives, hectic schedules, and chaotic calendars. Why would we even think to take the time to do something extra for someone else? Should we consider the benefits or just take action? Now I know what you're thinking: this is just another essay on how you... Read more
Rich in History, Rockdale County
With a population of 85,215, Rockdale County is one of the most interesting areas in Georgia. Its county seat is Conyers. Rockdale has 8,566 companies within it, and it's largest employers are 20th Century Fox Television, Rockdale Medical Center, and Warner Brothers / Bonanza Productions. Rockdale's 2017 Chairman of... Read more
Carpet Capital of the World: Whitfield County
Whitfield County is a part of Dalton, Georgia. Many people do not know about this county, but it is crucial to the state of Georgia and contains rich history that belongs our state. Whitfield County known as the Carpet Capital of the World is also home to an increasing... Read more
Gaining Economic Promise and Progress
Neatly tucked in between the metro-Atlanta area and Alabama lies Floyd County, a region of Georgia steadily moving towards progress and economic growth. Since its establishment in 1832, the county has been drawing in visitors and residents with its commercial ventures in its county seat of Rome and beyond.... Read more
Nurturing New Passions
For many prepubescent teens, middle school is a time of self-growth and discovery. It is a time to meet new friends, dabble in hobbies, and unearth new, potentially lifelong passions. In the large, mirrored room at the end of Hull Middle School's fine arts hallway, Mrs. Kennedy strives to... Read more
How COOL is Kremo Ice Cream?
For those that are not familiar with Kremo, it is a new and popular ice cream chain. However, what makes this business stand out against others is that the ice cream is made on a nitrogen plate. On a busy Saturday afternoon, we stopped by a local store in... Read more
Parsons Gifts & Cards is a gift shop and ladies boutique located at 1500 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard in Suwanee. They sell quality items like jewelry and handbags from Pandora, Brighton, and Vera Bradley. Starting off as a general store in 1925, this corporation turned into a department store in... Read more